Our Family Is All Of A Sudden Homeless

What do you do when the sherriff is coming in a couple of days to put your family out of the apartment. What do I tell my beautiful 15 yr old daughter who is an honor student, where do you go when all your family and friends are 3000 miles away.

Everything was fine until the economy tanked and husband was laid off but thats not the worst of it, then I was injured at work not only did I spend 15days in the hospital but now they have me on a leave of absence and you don't get paid or unemployment for that. Even the records for an attorney cost money. I'm only writing this because I'm terrified, afraid for my daughter and for my husbands health who has ulcerative colitis and is bleeding rectally.

We just want to feel safe and go home where there are people who care about us. Sorry....I just had to vent.
lisavee lisavee
Nov 26, 2012