Help How Can I Meet A Man!!

Hey guys - I really need your help here. I'm 40  and single and would love to meet that someone special. In the past year I've tried speed dating, internet dating , blind dates, pubs and clubs ....nothing. I'm an attractive woman , slim, blonde - well dressed. I also hav a lot of friends and I've a really positive attitude about life. I think that I'm still single because I was married to my job  and worked crazy hours. It would be fair to say that the best years of my life were spent in some glass towerblock typing away on the keyboards - that all seems like such a waste of time now. When you are in your prime , you're supposed to work hard at building a career -but I sacrificed a personal life  - something that I bitterly regret now. funny thing is that I lost my job and have never been happier. In the past few months I've lost a load of weight, stopped smiking and drinking and started my own business. I'm in a really good place and I feel that there's still time for me to find happiness. The thing is that I've just no idea how to go about meeting men??? I'd love some advice? Help!

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hey how about the veggie depatment at your grocery store... all that fresh produce smells colours great sensual atmosphere....most 40+ babes without wedding rings should let loose there....

Like mind, and work make greatest friends and sometime lovers. You did not say what type of business you started, but I am sure there are other that do similar business. <br />
Good luck in your new business and enjoy the guy(s) that understand your goals.

Sounds like you have met lots of men but none of them held your interest? Or you met the wrong guys. Sounds stupid but you need to just keep trying. Over and over. There are good single guys out there and you need to be brave and approach them. Stay friends with them so you get to know them and see that you both are compatible. No one is perfect so your going to have to decide yourself once you meet him whether you can live with his faults or not. <br />
<br />
I wish you the best of luck and I wish I had an answer for you that was "wave a magic wand and click your heals together 3 times...."