(i Like To Wear My Diapers Now,) But Only Cloth Prefolds With Rubber Pants Nothing Else

I'm a baby now of my wife's choice, because she's been takeing care of me for a long time, and has to do everything for me.She's been feeding me with a large tablespoon with a rubber coating over it with a big baby bib tied around my neck that she specifically had made for me.I even have a hospital bed that's been modified with tall safety rails all around the bed it's self.
It even raises up higher for my diaper changes.The mattress is the same as the hospital uses.
I lost my man hood 5 yrs ago to a heart attack and and that left me helplessly un stable.I lost all my fellins in my hands and fingers,along with my lower body.I became disabled because I have nerve damage and can't hold onto anything long enuff to pick it up and walk no more then 10 ft without falling l can't even use a walker or a cane because my feet are num along with my fingers, All I do all day is lay in my crib witch is my hospital bed and wet and mess my diapers and get fead food out of a blender with a big babyspoon and a big babybib.I have to have a rubber coating on the big babyspoon because I don't any teeth to chew anything up and so the stainless steal doesn't hurt my gums.At bedtime my wife makes me a bottle of milk and reads me story.Then she gets ready for bed.She sleeps in the same room with the master bathroom.My wife has to go to work at the hospital on weekday mornings at 7:00 o'clock.My wide has a daycare agency w/RN nurse to babysit me or take care of me.This nurse does everything for me, like if my wife didn't have time to bathe me the other night she will bathe me if she is asked by my wife or by me, plus if I'm wet witch I don't know if I am she will check by putting her fingers down the front of my diapers and rubber pants, or smell me.This nurse is by my side 85% of the time.Otherwise she rinsing my babybottles out or making me something to eat, or something like that, or maybe cleaning something.I really like it when she changes me, because she really takes her time cleaning me up especially when I make a big mess in my diapers, plus I like it when she diapers me after she bathes me.That when my nurse Drys me up with a large beech towel and then raps me up in my blankly, and lays me down on my back with my blankly under me and lifts the front of my blankly away and starts rubbing baby
Lotion all over me front and back and especially my groin area even though I don't feel her hands or fingers touching me.I know she knows I can't feel her hands, but I like it anyway.Now
that I was rubbed down with baby lotion she reaches for a couple of diapers and a pair of rubber pants from under the bed side table.Then she raised the bed, and grabs 4 diaperpins the babypowder and the diaper ointment.This is the part I love and she knows it, she puts the diapers together and she helps me lift my legs and knees up to my chest and slides the diapers under me and positions the diapers in the back, then she opens the jar of the diaper rash ointment and starts spreading it allover my groin and my butt, and rubbs it in very well.
Then my nurse sprinkles babypowder into the diapers first and then allover my groin area and
But.Then she puts on my rubber pants on and starts to put the covers over me and I stop her then I ask her for a bottle of juice and she asked if I was hungry I said yes then she asked what do I want I said a jar of babyfood you pick one.She came back a few mins later with my big baby bib my baby spoon a jar of large jar of babyfood and my babybottle of Apple juice.My nurse then raised the head of the bed and tied my big around my neck and started to feed me my beef and potato and greenbeans, after that she gave me a jar of pairs, and then handed me
my babybottle of Apple juice, and said she be right back she took my bib, my babyspoon, empty jars to the kitchen sink and came back to the bedroom and over to the bed and reached
over to help me hold my bottle of apple juice so it can lean on my pillow while I drink it and she could read me a story that my wife reads to me.Then she sticks her fingers down the front of my diapers to fell if I was wet, and smell my diapers while she pulls my rubber pants outward.
I wasn't wet or messy.
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