Lost 25 Year Old Business, House. And Now The Ability To Work. Im Tired, Now What?

At 19 I started my own business. Thirty years later after raising a family and working 50- 60 hrs a week, in an extremely competitive business, I have lost everything.

I started with a $1000 loan and one truck. After 25 years it grew to five trucks and almost $1,000,000 in sales per year. Not bad for a high school dropout, eh?

After 9/11 things slowed down just like it did for everyone else and if that was all that happened, we would have been fine. Things got scary but we were holding on. Then it all went crazy. These things happened in about a 4 month span.

Now keep in mind the main reason we did so well was because of our "excellent" reputation. My #1 concern was that all customers where extremely happy. If I had an unhappy customer I would actually lose sleep. That attitude was the reason a high school dropout could be successful.

At this time we are just getting by them.....BAM!

Had to eat a $20,000 job because a floor had too much moisture and my men didn't test it correctly. ( 1st time ever we had a job failure and man what a biggie.)

2 weeks later our largest account (worth about 200k a year), that we've held for 15 years,  goes elsewhere to save $50 on $1000 jobs.
(they came back 2 months later apologizing but it was too late)

Right after that we get stuck for $50,000 after a millionaire went bankrupt on us .....then died.

While this was going on I went in the hospital for siatic nerve surgery. No back problem at all....... during surgery they shattered my disc. I was responsible for almost 90% of our sales and was unable to work for three months. That was the final straw. Twenty five years of blood, sweat and tears.....gone. Along with house, cars....everything. Thank god my kids were older.

So, I still have my trade, right? Im 48 but I can still make a living. Missing a disc and always in pain but I can get the jobs done.

I do that for almost two years and the pain is increasing. Doctor and wife keep bugging me to stop. Finally after I collapsed carrying heavy items, twice, I caved.

Fifty two years old, lost business, house, cars...... everything. And now I cant even earn a living. Heh..... I need over 60k before I can even call myself broke. Ill never see that kind of money again.

When I look at this typed out Im like....... damn Im lucky I didn't just start running and never stop. Heh.... run where? People even treat me different now. They always say hi, then look away. Jesus, Im not dying! Though I do feel dead inside sometimes. Freaking emotional roller coaster.

I dont want sympathy, just want to talk to someone. Anyone else out there go through crap like this?

mrmoffa mrmoffa
51-55, M
Dec 11, 2012