The Man Under The Bridge

Many time's my wife and I would see this older with his few belonging's sleeping under the bridge of the hiway in our town. It was fall and starting to get cold at night and our heart went out to him. We were in town one day and decided to stop at waffle houst to grab a bite before going home. While we were eating this old man came in and we saw the people who worked there just look at each other. we could hear him ask how much a cup of coffee was and put all his change on the counter to count it, he had just enough for 1 cup. As he was drinking his coffee we called the waitress to our table and ask her to wait a bit after leaving our table and then give this gentleman a menu and let him order what ever he wanted plus somthing to take with him. She was not to let on who payed for it.

We sat there longer after we ate to watch this man enjoy his meal. It had been a long time since we had seen a person look so happy over a meal. When he was done he ordered some to take with him and left with a smile on his face. When we went to pay for the meal's the young lady who rang us up had tear's in her eye's and told us she had never seen anybody do somthing like that before. His meal was less then ten dollar's and we told her that you never know what life might deal you and for ten dollar's for at least a few minute's that fellow was happy. It was well worth the money just to plant a seed in the mind of that waitress. We only saw the gentleman in town a few more time's and then he was gone. My wife and I often wondered what happen to him.
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Thank You each for reading and commenting. No matter how bad we may think WE might have thing's it does not take much looking around these day's to find other's hurting worse. My Best.

As someone who has been homeless and hungry - thank you.

You are one of a kind man :)

That was so & your wife must be so nice..We often don't see a bigg opportunity to help a person, at random. Sadly people turn their heads when the chance presents itself. Kudos!