The German Bike Accident

While traveling around Germany, we spent an exciting 2 days in Munich.  The old land mark buildings, the fountains, the beautiful glockenspiel in the marketplatz, the shops, the coffee houses, the Munich Hofbrauhaus and the bikes.  Everywhere were bikes.  You could rent a bike for a day, if you wanted.

Finishing off a few beers and a wiener schnitzel with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes at the Hofbrauhaus, we headed out for a trip to the local farmers market for some fresh fruit and veggies.

As I rounded a corner, I entered a covered area filled with bikes.  There were bikes of all colors, shapes and sizes.  Some where locked and some where not. 

As I veered of to the right of the covered area, I noticed two white lines painted on the either side of a wide path.  I had no idea why the white lines were painted on the path, so I kept on walking following the other people.

Suddenly, everything within my sight of vision turned into slow motion.  A bicyclist raced down the walkway hitting an older woman, who fell to the ground.  As quickly as the slow motion vision started...It stopped.

I raced forward to the woman, who was now lying on her side, on the ground.  I quickly did a visual scan and then ran my hands over her arms, hips, knees and legs looking for any broken bones or bloody areas.  The entire time, I was talking to her in English, hoping she would understand me. 

What the hell was the emergency number in Germany...It was 911 in America, but I had no idea what it was in Germany.

The elderly German woman slowly sat up and I continued to comfort her, talking to her the entire time.  She did not appear to have any broken bones and her breathing had now slowed down. 

Suddenly, the bicyclist who had hit the elderly woman, appeared speaking in German.  Having no idea what he was saying and I indicated that I only spoke English.  The bicyclist indicated, in English, that we were walking in a bike lane and that he had accidentally hit the woman.  Well....How the heck was I to know that we were in the bike lane!

Both the German bicyclist and I helped the elderly woman to her feet and gathered her items that had spilled from white cloth shopping bag.  It appeared that she was going to be fine.  I gave her a big hug and went on about my way.

My thoughts are with her as I write this story. I hope this elderly German woman is doing OK. 



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Nice story, thanks for sharing