Declaration of Intent

So I want to apply what I studied during my undergrad years (cognitive psychology), my extensive experience overseas esp. in 3rd world countries, and what I will study starting next fall. (Law)

I have always tried to follow my conscience.   i.e. I like to do what I feel is right in any context.   There wasn't enough room in the Goal description field when I set up this goal so I will write it here:

 I want to be able to say that I helped make life easier for victims of stalking, cyberstalking, domestic abuse, all forms of abuse, included abuse perpetrated upon animals (I'm so moved by the Sarah Mclaughlin commerical) and trafficking of women and children, date rape/acquaintance rape, and prevent pickpocketing, highway robbery, and aggravated/armed robbery on people.     

If people have been following some of my writing since I started my EP page, one would notice that I have experience helping others deal with and/or prevent these types of problems in foreign countries in which I have lived and here in the United States.  Of the problems I describe above the only one I didn't not witness abroad was highway robbery.  It occurred in Kansas.   I will write about what happened on my blog.

   I would like to be able to work in some capacity with some organization like the the Nicole Brown Foundation, or as a legal/psychological analyst for an organization like Park Dietz & Associates.   I will also inquire at the Dept. of Justice.

McAvoy McAvoy
22-25, M
Mar 23, 2009