The Floods In Boscostle

most people know about the huge floods in boscastle, and the devisation caused by them in 2004, but very few know boscastle was hit a second time, in 2007 mainly because it did not make big news simply because boscastles defences worked a lot better this time.

but that was in the villages in the souround lanes around boscastle and tintagel everything was mayhem.

we have been going up to davidstow and then planning to go across to tintagel to get something to eat, fish and chips or nothing, but when we hit the lanes first trying to go down to boscastle as we normally go that way threw to tintagel because it a nice route.

find the road blocked fairly close to boscastle, and the road all the way down having been a wash of water, and large flooded areas where the water poured out of the fields.

we were told boscastle was not as bad as it had been in 2004 but they were keeping it blocked off for safety encase the new defences couldnt take the strain and there was a repeat, he told us if we wanted to go to tintagel the other routes should be fine so back we went to the main road and then turned off at the first road to tintagel, we were hit by complete choas pretty soon after, first we came across to old ladys whos car had broken down, and we stopped to help, they had a radio presenter from them from a local station, and he said that we were the first people to actually stop when flagged for the last half hour, and that he couldnt help them but would we, they were out of water lol which wasnt a problem as we had a bottle of water in the truck, so dan filled there car, and then helped them get it started again, although on trying to start it it was clear it was not a happy car, but as they were only in tintagel dan said we would follow them, and make sure they got there ok, then not far ahead we were brought to a hult again as water was pouring from the fields into the road, flooding it very deeply. leaving lots of people unsure weather they could get threw, as we had a vaxhall brava pickup we vollinteered to go threw first, and we got threw although the water was up to to the door seals, everyone decided then weather they could carry on or not, most decided not in there small cars those that braved it were trying to get home, and said all the other roughts they had tried had been blocked, the older ladys didnt want to chance it with there pourly car, so dan told them that we would go ahead see if we could get threw and if we could would would come and get them and take them threw, we didnt have much choice as there were a lot of people trying to get threw, on both sides, and most said they where stuck and couldnt get threw in any direction.

it was strange how they all turned to us, there was even a larger lorry on one side of the road, refusing to go threw till we had.

it was simply impossible to tell how deep the water was in the middle. because it was so wide.

so that was it, we went back threw again, waited for everyone else who was willing to try, to come threw, just encase anyone got stuck so that we could tow them out, and was relieved when no one did, then off we went to the next one, and we repeated this for sometime, sometimes pulling people out other times letting people climb into the truck or onto the sides, and ferried people back and forward we did not see a single police car or emergency vichels just hundreds of stranded people who were either angry or frightened.

but eventually it was no longer any good we got to a bit that was just to deep, we could get threw but the people in the smaller vechels couldnt.

there was no way we could carry on because we had to help them all get back to the main road, and as it was still raining violently we knew all the water would have risen.

for hours we went back and forward helping people, eventually there were cars stuck every where, making it almost impossible for us to get threw the flood water and past those who had got stuck all me could do is help those stuck get back to dry land we couldnt even tow them out, because there were to many cars in the way.

emergency sevices did not turn up till nearly 11 oclock by which point it was too late to many people stuck, and there was just us at the end of the road with a bunch of shivering people, there cars all stuck along the road, they ahd been called hours earlier but had been to busy in boscastle.

to come help those stuck on the roads, thankfully they were all given warm places to sleep and we were thanked for our help.

but we werent alloud to go home, we were asked to stay and help out for a little longer, so even more of our night was spent ferrying stranded people to the emergency accomidation lol

it was an amazing night, but i think what surprised me the most is how many people just ignored you when you tired to tell them they couldnt get threw somewhere, in the end makin it almost impossible for those that could get threw.

we were not the only four by four to help that night, we were one of the first but a lot of great people joined in and helped too.

but it was made increasingly hard for us all to help people, by those that just would not listen and went threw anyway, yes we could help but you needed the police there really, because people listen to them, they wont listen to normal people.

still at least no one got hurt and the two older ladys got somewhere nice and warm to stay and a nice hot meal lol

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aww bless ya hunny

As a flood survivor myself (different flood), Thank You!<br />
<br />
:-) E. Bunbury