Bunabumali Project For Children

Bunabumali Village is one of the most unique communities I have ever experienced. Houses are peppered on steep slopes connected by foot paths. There are no power lines and no cars. Mount Elgon high above catches clouds and rain comes and goes—- down pouring, then sunny minutes later. Banana trees and coffee bushes grow everywhere… as do children.

There are lots and lots of children. Norman’s family, which has 8 children of their own, adopted 10 kids— two homeless due to AIDS, and 8 that lost their parents in landslides. From 1997 to 2004… over 1000 people have died from landslides.

Cory arrived at the school with a chorus of children singing and clapping to welcome him. Three days later, was sitting next to the dead body of one of those kids, Doreen, aged 10, the last of three siblings to die from AIDS, leaving her mother weeping with us beside Doreen on the bed.

The place so beautiful… the people.. the mountains… everything. The project was a complete success. Made hammocks and the sewing machines work very nicely.  more http://www.bunabumali.org/

nakhokhoe nakhokhoe
26-30, M
Feb 16, 2010