Save One; Save All

Ever since I joined EP.

I've been helping others through my words and gift of empathy.

So far it's been a rewarding experience.

I have helped others moved on.

I helped them solve complicated problems.

Allowed them to vent towards me.

I absorbed all of their emotions and transformed it into a positive flow so I could work my way through the thorns.

However in all of drains me.

My power has a major drawback.

In doing all of this assisting, it depletes my energy mentally and spiritually.

It takes a lot of effort before it takes effect considering I'm able to control my own wavelengths to keep my engines running.

I care too much for the well-being of others. Something I discovered about myself a while ago.

Even more than myself, which is a noble but dangerously self-destructive trait.

I hate to see people suffer and writhe in pain.

I want to save them and free them from misery and despair. much as the truth hurts.

It's commendable to give them advice and help them move on from tragedy but the truth is we (I) can't save everybody...its not possible and I'm starting to realize that, it's okay to help but you have to take care of yourself too...if you don't you'll only be destroyed in the process.

Save One If You Can; But You Can't Save all...
Lushiro Lushiro
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I am taking this one thing with me: Always ask yourself, "Am I a taker, or a giver". Do I say thank you, or show appreciation? Do I always take, or do I give back? You deplete yourself from all the takers. Is it partly because someone neglects to just say Thank you, a simple act of kindness that can make a person fly? You might still be very drained at the end of the day, but you would continue and not give up because you know there is appreciation for what you have done. Thank You Lushiro. :-) You're the real deal!

I am so very touched by this. I know how you feel because I have been there. i love helping others & it don't take much out of me at all because we have to ask God to direct us and show us who WE are assigned to. Because though it can 100 people in the room but you are only assigned to twenty. Understand? We must ask for His Wisdom & Strength & just as He rested on the Sabbath Day we must learn to rest as well. Meaning when you pour out you Must return back to the filling (fueling) Station so He can pour back into you so you won't be running on empty. Always keep God first then make sure you are the next on the shelf because YOU must take care of you before you can take care of anyone else just as you must love you before you can love anyone else & you must help you before you can help anyone else. Always the STRONG must be helped to & truly who does the strong turn to? God so remember to ask Him to guide you & replenish you when you have poured out so you can continue to operate on full or have empty but KNOW when to rest. bless you ...

I understand, thank you.

You sir, to me, are the perfect example of a human being.
The bottom line of all this is that you CARE about others, and that in itself is one of the rarest gifts in the world, don't you think? :)


Nice and beautiful heart.
You are saved by happiness and much more.


For someone so young, you are very wise. We need men and women like you in this world. I too am an empath. It can be draining. Find yourself a great meditation group. Learn the art of self healing. Then you can not only give to others, but give to yourself as well. Enjoy your life. You are definitely a VIP.

Thank you for the post! Appreciated :)

that's remarkable whe u save one a day , u have saved 365 ayear.


Hi! I can relate to your post. Orinigally when I joined it was because of the death of my dad. Then the reason became to ease my bordem. Now it's all about helping others. I too know that I can't help everyone, but I sure love trying. My sense of humour has helped many of those here that are my friends......and that makes me happy. Keep helping others. You have a big heart I can tell, and people are drawn to you for that. All the best! :-)

Awww...I am sorry for your father. I suppose...when we're in a crisis. Something shows us the way, either it be a miracle or something from the beyond. I believe for most of us, that is EP. Helping others feels good and distracts us from our own troubles and pain because we're repairing someone else's. Me too I love the feeling of satisfactory if I'm successful or even not I tried and tried to be there so it's all that matters, the consideration and time you took to ensure solace. I surely will! Let's do our best to brighten the EP world! :D

You are right. I believe that is why we are all here is to help others.I want to do something big to help people but not sure how to make it happen.I have an idea for a company but no money to back it.I have an invention that I know would sell.I want the majority of the profits to help people who get falsley accused.

Rome never built itself in a day...sketch out a plan and wing it.

I could run a buisness but have no money to back it.I do want most of the profits to help others.I need some one that has a buisness mind to help me do this.Can you recomend some one?

If I had the knowledge I could tell you but I have no business experience whatsoever, sorry Jazz. You could try...someone who HAS business experience, anyone who runs a retail, company or industry could possibly help you.Thar or take a business class in college or something, help is out there I'm just not able to give it.

Good idea but I just don't have the skills for college.I need an attorney help with patent and money to back it.Buisness mind I think I inherited that from my dad.Although he is a millionair,he hates me.I say truth and am not a male.My dad resents having all girls.Thank you anyway.

I'm sorry that your own father has aversion towards you...but you have a good head on your shoulders, he doesn't have to be apart of your life or even your emotions. That and I guess he has his reasons for not wanting females, most people have their offspring preferences. Block him out and succeed and surpass him, show him what you're made of. God bless you and GOOD LUCK!!!

Thank you !!!! You too !!!!!!

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Lush, you need to think about Number 1, which is you, that is the most important!

Indeed it is!

By saving one, you do way more than most people even try to do.

I agree!!!

I did tell you, you are wise, didn't I? Because you are.

and I did tell you were amazing didn't I? But then you already knew that. :-)


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I am the same but important to take care of yourself too. If you allow their pain to be obsorbed and you carry it. Sorry but that is not good as it can and will have a negative effect on you. You can feel empathy and connect in a way to feel with them but not for them and that's the difference. To have a heart for people is a gift and to not take things personally as you say to help some but not all. We each have our path to walk and we do it to the be of our ability and more than that we cannot do. Our hearts are never to offend or hurt so keep on keeping on and bless you for it.

Thank you for your post. :)

I am glad you will not lose yourself. Take care

Yeah me too lol. You keep being you Jatpack, couldn't ask for anymore but that. :-)

Love, you as always are amazing. You, take care of you. And always be in my heart and mind. Mommio loves you.

Right back attcha! :D

You can't save everyone and after a while, you learn to tell the difference between people who really need help and those who are simply needy.

Here's a secret though: you end up helping yourself. Occasionally, someone who needs an ear just needs someone for the moment. But often times, they need someone like you in their lives, even if it's only part time.

I've made some great friends here. I don't think some of them know how much they've helped me by allowing me to be there for them.

And, they've been there for me too.

I completely agree. Thank you for your contribution! :-)

well said and very true.


Hey look! There's one of my friends!

....Penn, who are u again? =P