Its Time To Get A Help!!!

"Helping hands are better than praying hands" once told by a great philosopher.
me n my mom have been helping people since long time. financial we were too wealthy. helped the poor built them shelter. helped them i all possible ways . time changed dad was cheated by his co workers. they say time waits for none , thats so true, we went financialy low.. but was able to manage our daily needs. but still people came to us to help them (they wer not aware of our loss ) mother helped them..with her possible strength ( mom always tot me, share from what u got even if its a piece of bread ). time came we needed help.. dad fell sick ,brother out of station
mom depressed..and i was totally paused... asked the same old ppl for help.. ha!!!! they stepped back gave reasons ..... til date my mom doesn quit helping... i am so obssesed with this life . whom to follow ? shud i help or not?.. too much of ne thing can giv u pain.. well said ryt..

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Bless your hearts of the saints.

thats nice thank u Lushiro.. n wish u the same too... :)

he who gives more to this world, than he takes, is nothing less than god to this selfish society.

:) thats well said.. thank u :)