Good Bye From A Loving Pet

I had to have my dog Gita euthanised,she had a brain tumour which caused her to fit and medications could not help her any more,she went to sleep in my arms in our back garden ,then the vet took her body away for cremation,the grief I felf could not be described,two hours later,I was in my bedroom sitting on the bed,I heard her bark twice in the garden,it was her bark,I recognised it and the neighbours did not have any dogs,my dog was saying good bye,reassuring me she was OK,I have since felt her around me many times,your pets never leave you,the love you share is more powerful than death and death is only a transition.
berangere berangere
66-70, F
4 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Awww... tears. Bless the pets who have loved us and gotten us through the tough times. I still get tears remembering the day I had to put my long time, wonderful big kittie down. Need a hug? I've got one for you. Although time has passed since you wrote this, I imagine you still... And will always miss you Gita. XXX

Yes,I always will.

Lovely, Berangere. Thank you.

I recently lost my beloved dog of 12 years. His name was Scooby, and he died at home from pancreatitis. My heart is broken, and I think of him all the time. There will never be another dog like my Scooby. My sympathies to you.

I had my dog put to sleep in my arms in the back garden too.
It was a lovely sunny day ,he knew the vet and it was all over in an instant.

I have only good memories of it now

Thank you for sharing, your dog went to sleep surrounded with love and death is only a transition,we will meet all the beings who have loved us,people and animals when it is time for us to shed the mortal coil.They stay near us for as long as we mourn and need them.Take care.