My Little Turkish Cat,

While visiting friends in Turkey,I made another unforgettable friend,a little tabby cat ,as I got out of the car on my arrival,there she was and purring,I had not heard a cat purr for a long time and it was a lovely sound,my friend would not have her in the house but she was there waiting for me every morning by the pool,she loved being cuddled unlike most cats who only want to get away,she followed me around the garden,she even sneaked into the house when my friend was not watching,she found out where my bedroom was,it was on the second floor ,I dont know how she found it ,but there she was on the balcony,(sorry Laura!)  she slept on my bed and purred me to sleep, when I was packing my suitcase she sneaked into the house,it was as if she knew I was getting ready to leave.Later my friend told me that after my departure the cat never reappeared.I did not know her name.She was and will always remain my little Turkish Cat.
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You have good memories of the holiday and your little turkish cat. A member of my family, in similar circumstances, was so taken by a pair of kittens that they were brought to England and adopted. Thus becoming according to family folklore "The most expensive cats in the world"

But very worth it I bet! Thanks for you comment.

Sounds like you were there for each other. Some animals get vibrations from good people and will gravitate toward them. Obviously she was right and you were good for each other. You left and so did she. Doesn't say much for your friend. :)

You are right, my friend so desappointed me( and it was not just about the cat) that I have distanced myself from her.I hope my little cat is OK.Thanks for reading and take care.

I have been to Istanbul and found them to be more humane towards their animals than many places I have seen in the US. Hopefully your little cat found a good home.

She belonged to some people up the road,But when I was there she spent all her time with me,I hope they take good care of her.Thank you for your kind thoughts.

Sweet story .

I hope she has made another friend now :)

I would hope so,my friends went back to England as the husband fell ill soon after I left them to visit other friends in France,I do not know when they will return to Turkey and if I will ever know what has become of her.Take care.

That is the anxiety of helping animals abroad, not knowing what happens after we leave, but we can only hope for the best.

I befriended a pregnant cat in Portugal and prayed someone else helped her after I left.

In Greece,I am told the community looks after stray cats and dogs,feeding them and leaving clean water for them,I hope it is the same in Portugal.But animals seem to know who loves them and gravitate towards them,hopefully our little cats will have found someone to look after them.take care.