Our Story Through Lucilles Eyes...

My name is Lucille, I am 21. I am usually in control, or what they call the host most of the time. April is upset and confused. She is 30. On her second divorce. Raising three boys on her own (with some of us of course). She was diagnosed this year, after moving back to her home state to be with family. I tried not to scare her, but I do not completley understand this whole thing either. I have always been here but now she knows... And now that we are back in her hometown, everything has come unwraveled. Pandora says she is called the "Problem" she is not a problem, just is a 13 year old who does not need to be in control (at least of love) while we are trying to learn how to be grounded. She poses as me but calls herself Lucy because she wants to be older. I have to take over all the time and now it is getting hard. Twin is 30 but has grown up with April. Myself is 4 and has been embarassingly appearing for short visits since we have been back. No Quarter is 17, she is the Protector and of Irish Military background. Hoping therapy helps.... we will see.
PandoraLucyandothers PandoraLucyandothers
26-30, F
May 7, 2012