I Do Not Think The World Is Ending...but I Do Think Life Is Changing As We Know It Daily!


I do not think the WORLD is ending...but I do think life as we know it here on this earth and our familiar way of living is changing daily. 
I think people need to find a deeper spiritual level within themselves and within the world around them.  

My question to you is... are you paying attention?  
  (Please watch the above you tube video.)

It is clear that the NEWS reports only what THEY THINK is important. 
We do not always hear and see what is going on in other parts of the country/world on the news and in the media. 
This is why, the choices WE MAKE or DO NOT MAKE effect us everyday.  We must educate ourselves...never stop learning.  We do NOT know all there is to know.  Spiritual education in body and mind is key. We must awaken and pay attention to the world around us.  I think many people have been living life in a sort of dream state. 

The earth, animals and all people are connected.
I think many people have forgotten this and choose to ignore this fact.
What we see...what we can't see...it is one. 
The universe/the heavens speak to us daily... first in slight whispers and then with big bangs. 
Wake up! 
People have become passive...this is when others make choices for you that are not always good.  We can not wait for others to do something about what is happening around us.
Thank you for READING.

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6 Responses Dec 10, 2012

Worrisome :(

Thank you for sharing this truth and your feelings about it. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and find it difficult to find something to think about that is calming when I see all that is happening around us. It must have felt similar to people in 14th century Europe that saw half their population becoming sick and dying from the black death. Something they didn't expect or understand. History seems to have a way of repeating itself. Not always in the same way, but with similar outcomes. In the end, it IS our spiritual health that can give us strength and guidance to help us day to day.

Wow, pretty scary. This should make people think. Thank you for sharing this. *Hugs*

Great post, and very true.....

EXCELLENT POST if you can watch that video and not get some kind of Omg feeling .The sad part is were already there ,I really dont think we have a choice ,its just a matter of when .I live in phoenix and the dust storm they showed on the video was real ,It was massive not anything I had ever see
Thank you for sharing this everyone should see this video

You are so right. We are all one spiritual being and we have forgotten how to love one another. How to greet each other as childlike beings. We withhold our love and stand alone. We must love nature and what is in it. We must love each other.