My Life

so many have asked me about my life so i am going to sharre here with you someof the basics so you understandme more.
i was bron in newcastle, birthparents left me, i was fostered then adopted at age 2 by a violent family. i was beaten all my life daily and badly. no one helped family believed my dad over me even though they could see the bruises and blood. they were in fear of him. he seemed to have a hold over a lot of people.
i met someone a t 16. my dad took to him straight away told me he was the son he always wanted instead of the daughter he was stuck with and never wanted.
i fell preganant at 17, was made to live then marry this person, who my dad loved more than life its self and would do anything for.
i wanted to be on my own just my baby and i in our own home but i was told if i did this no one would help me,id have no money and id lose my daughter i believed this at the time as i was young,scared and vunerable.
6 years of beatings to near death then followed by my new husband everyone knew no one helped.. my dad said was all part of life which i knew was wrng.
finally in 2001 i left him, took my daughter and went with nothing but the clothes on our backs. i found someone who let me stay at theres till i could private rent a house. which i soon did and i got it all nice and into a home for my daughter and i.
my dad hated this and he stalked my daughter and i tried to grab her in the street off me. tried to run us over plus much more. i went to a solicitor. he ignored all warnings would harrass us every chance he had then in 2001 december, he knocked on my door said he was sorry and inviteed me and my daughter to a new years eve party at his friends i went. my ex was there, my dad grabbed my daughter gave her to my mum and got me in a headlock and punched me so many times in front of 13 of his friends who just watched. i got a taxi went home called the police they did nothing as always as he has friends on the force.
anyway i met someone new,we had 4 kids,he was lovely and he stood up to my dad. my dad and ex hated this so spent ten years trying to hurt and break up our family,having my husband wrongly aressted on our wedding day after previously cancelling our wedding andlosing us money, he stalked us hurt us etc,called authorities spreading lies about us
we moved 28 times in ten years to get away from him and he hireed people to find us then all the bother would start again
he lied to me about my grandads funeral so i couldnt go and say goodbye.
he turned all family and friends on us so we have no one
he got his friends who are in landlords association to spread lies about us so we couldnt get another house council or private rented
his latest stunt was in january 2012 when he told me he was sorry and wanted to make peace, he said with him being 60 now and recovering from a hip operation he realised life was to short and he told me my mum had a brain tumour. i was weary, b ut said ok on my terms.
we saw him 3 times. then one day ou tthe blue he calls my 14 year old daughters mobile and she comes in the house and turns on me, then starts saying she wants to see my violent ex and go to see my parents for 2 weeks in july 2012. she never ever wanted this before,i asked why and she said she didnt know she just did. she apparently forgot all about the past.
so reluctantly i said ok but i dont want you too. she was so happy.
so 21st july 2012 he picks her up.
i call every day and try to contact her on facebook but shes never available always out next thing i know her facebook account has closede and a new one opened which she blocked me from
i called police and social services and they went there and apparently shes happy and settled there and living with my ex weird thing is a claim for child benefit went in for her from someone on 20th july so clearly was all a set up. now i have lost her. i have a soliciotr on it but she is saying shes happy so i cant do anything and if i do may turn her more. since they have took nicole they have not bothered with my other kids they have no interest in them was shonas 2nd birthday on 16th august not even a card was sent for her.
since this he has started his usual calling authorities spreading lies.this is because he knows my address im trying to move but no one will take us after the lies he has spread.

there you go a little bit of my life for you
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Just wow. I totally empathise and hope Nicole finds her way back to you.

hello yes i remember now,so whats up did you stay with your new hubby now and still the family kept pestering you still?

What this man is doing, is still trying to prove that he has control over you. He doesn't. You are on your own true path now and will be heading farther and farther away from him until you are only a blurry memory. Keep doing your own good thing and Karma will catch him up soon enough.

thank u and i hope so :)

very sad to hear your story my dear.. Don't worry after shadows shines always await for you .. i

wow i feel so bad 4 u i am always here 4 u hun

thank you that means alot :)

(crying). ! . . May god bless youuu nd your family . . .dnt even give a dammmm shhhhet about thooose frken lies . .like our samoan saying goes e pala le maa ae le pala le tala .means stones may turns into ashes bht not the word. .well to meh those lies cn easily turn into ashes . .keep praying nd trust to god for he is the only one who can help you . .love yhuu. . .mwaass . !x

Gosh my Ginger, I had no idea....

thought it was best to be honest with people :)

‘Do not fear, for I am with you; do not anxiously look about you, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’ Isaiah 41:10