Hero..no Human..human Is All

That moment when you find that hero living
A hero that can make you feel like you can fly, like you can be anything you wantt,
All you want is to make them proud you meet that point
the your like, hey I can be a hero too,
Mabye one day ill strive to meet and be a strong hero just like you
But then all the sudden your hero falls.
The weak and shivering faulter to the ground
Then you realize there no hero at all..
only human, a human is all...
Then you look at yourself
Am I hero, or am I jsut that?
A human a human is alll
Why did I wanna make you proud
When your a human a human is all...
I cant have powers or run a thousdand miles
i human human is all...
But I can!
I can!
Be a better human,
One that when kids look up to and say hey
she is no hero, but a good human,
Iwanna be a human to a human is all...
Then look down and say hey I dont wanna fall..
All Iwanna be is human human is alll...
StupidCrow StupidCrow
18-21, F
May 11, 2012