When i first found out this new singer name mindless behavior I had saw this romantic guy that had my heart felt like a angel and his name is diggysimmons and when I had text them that when they had let me know that they was coming out in Atlanta for there concert and I had went and saw them my heart had fellin love and when I see him on Facebook I be like texting him say hey babe I always be telling my mI'm that this day me and diggysimmons is going to get married and I think of mindless behavior like my kids and I all ways want to have kids with diggysimmons of our own but I was shock when I saw mindless behavior roc royal was smile at me and prodigy was telling me that he will be seeing me in the building and Princeton and Rayray was looking some where els and I was almost was going to goin in there bus because mindless behavior boss was going to let me talk to them ever time my sister tell me that did you had fun on that concert and I tell her yeah because I be having this loving dream with my feature husband and my kids and I always wanted to be a singer I and people be saying that I will be getting my lovely hope with my lovely husband and I always want them to come out on my birthday
Allyiaha Allyiaha
May 8, 2012