"the Buzz" - Uk Hair Fetish Meet

There's been an increasing number of people asking to meet up as a group and so it's finally been organised, the current plan is two weeks today on a Saturday at Waterloo Station - London, we're going to have our first meeting of "The Buzz", a brand new fetish meeting for anyone looking to meet more people with hair fetishes. It's all really exciting and we're drumming up a good amount of support and interest so I thought you lot might be interested. :)

Anyone is welcome, no matter what your interest so please, don't be shy.

Comment below or get in touch if you want more details.
ltahfan ltahfan
26-30, M
4 Responses May 1, 2012

Sounds like a great idea.

Hi now I have finally found people who have same interest as me let me now of dates for this meet up

When is the meeting taking place in September and where

sounds great i am in america , too bad we don't have that here.

Maybe we should start our own here in the US.