Love Shaving

I have been totally obsessed with bald women for as long as I can remember
There is nothing more beutiful than a bald woman, and seeing a woman having her head shaved is simly the most erotic thing I have ever seen.
I shave my own head and I love it.
Ladyshave Ladyshave
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Yes the process of head shaving is it self most erotic

I am a man. I like to see a woman with buzzed hair or better cut a woman's hair myself.. Short, extremely short or better yet into a nice flattop!
Totally shiny bald is not the best. If she has to be bald, I like to be able to see that she was shaved and not a victom of radiation.
A woman with a short Mohawk, I like too!
What's more I like to see such a woman with beautiful colorful tattoos. The more the better. I remember one with both arms covered with brightly
colored flowers. I found that wonderfully exciting!
And that is not all, I like to see a woman with extended earlobes, nose ring, the bigger the better, nipple rings etc. Use your imagination!
My ex has earlobes, with a hole in it that accommodates two fingers! I gave her some nice tattoos too and last I saw her she had a neat flattop haircut.
Yet she left me!! Guess she'll never be happy !
Too bad! I'm looking for another one who likes my nutty ideas of beauty!
Arre there aby more ;like me??

I agree that watching a woman get her head shaved is extremely erotic!