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Developmental Education

This generation is dead or are they just dying! They are screaming to be heard, but their cries fall a pone deaths ear. Their tears are constantly flowing; however no one gives a damn! It seems as if education is no longer a priority. The morals that were appreciated have been extinctd! Or is it, because they are no longer being taught? If so why? Have teachers and administrators allowed the quality of education slip through the cracks? Does education have expectations? Because educators have become concern with students’ prior preparation for college, the quality of developmental education has raised a debate.
Why do teachers not practice what they preach and teach pupils education is the ultimate means to succeed? "Despite the escalating numbers of students who need developmental work, many critics of developmental education blame the K-12 school system for not preparing students for college-level work," says Roueche. Because students are untrained for college level work, they are often left failing courses. Most institutes do not take education seriously; therefore, students are being called less able. Studies have proven more than twenty percent of freshman students entering college have to take remedial classes. “It appears that we are drowning in data and yet starving for meaningful knowledge," said Arendale (3). Many educators fail to realize technology, such as computers, cannot teach pupils what is necessary to excel. Once, we as a society, stop relying on technology, than the importance of education will be valued. Developmental education is a second chance for unprepared student to improve deficient skills in specific subjects. Therefore, developmental education is crucial in higher learning institutes.
According to Ikenberry and Stix (4), "America simply cannot survive economically unless most citizens have some education beyond high school." What is less clear is the path to reach those noble goals. To properly enrich the lives of the majority, educators must include the basic stepping stones so many need. English and arithmetic are vital to prepare students to appreciate and absorb the more challenging courses in semesters to come. "As controversial as this issue has been, we must remain committed. The commitment to developmental education is necessary for individual students and our society as a whole" says Roueche (1). The curriculum is design to provide pupils with knowledge needed to progress in particular courses. However, developmental education is not always the path to excellence in college. Students need to be committed to working hard and putting forth their best effort. Determination and focus should be required from every student entering developmental education.
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