Respect My Differences.. My College Essay Yet Another One.. How Is It

She killed the little girl and began to nurture a woman! Never in a million years would I have thought a book would change my life. How could a woman who has never met me, know so much about me. How dare she invade my life and capture my mind! Her story told my life, her life revealed my deepest concerns; she spoke on topics that I have always dreamed to protest. Every word she spoke was as sensitive as a vein on an iceberg. I was afraid to look racism in his face, but stood up for my people. I was a hypocrite towards my own beliefs. “Why now,” is all I remember saying. Because Sister Souljah speaks about the oppression of the white man and the struggles of racisms, No Disrespect made the problems of racism more vivid in my daily life.
My life began an unforgettable journey the day I read No Disrespect. "No teacher gave black children any reason to take pride in their color, in their origins, in their past," she points out. During this time, I was a lost soul swimming in an ocean with vicious sharks. Even though, I knew it was a struggle for black individuals in America, I also began to notice how much we as a people were being stereotyped. People of other races felt intimidated when I entered certain stores, or when I walked among them on the same streets. They treated me as if I was an intruder from another galaxy. Some even complained about me living in their neighborhoods. I recall a time when I was living in Germany: this white guy looked at me and said, “Why are you here don’t you belong in Africa?” I was astonished at his comment, and for the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be in my own skin! After reading No Disrespect, I started thinking how I could have overlooked the comments that were made.
The words of Sister Souljah spoke a powerful message, teaching me to be observant of peoples perspective."I try to tell young people not to look for leaders but to try to identify the qualities in themselves, to develop the talents and skills that they have, so they don't become dependent on somebody else's talents and skills," she declared. Because No Disrespect forced reality in my life with words of wisdom, I learned how to develop my own identity, by facing my racist critics.
Throughout the book, she takes on the role of a teacher; advising the black community about the history of being black in America. the language that she uses is raw but necessary. No Disrespect conveyed an informative tail about the diversity in society. Despite, her ruthless ways, Sister Souljah felt inclined to remind people of the things that may have been forgotten. No Disrespect is a brutally honest story of oppression. No matter how much the public slandered her name , Sister Souljah stood up for her beliefs. The novel distributed a message that was essential for black people, a message that told us what was going on, why it was going on, and how we as individuals could progress. She, as a author, not only gave her personal opinion but taught a lifelong lesson. It is still amazing to me how one powerful voice can deliver a remarkable message. Because of Sister Souljah, No Disrespect will live forever.

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Jul 24, 2010