I find it amazing tht people say reach out for help if u need it no matteR what it is but when u do at times . Depending on what it is ;people always think u are a scammer or something similar or think ur lying or something so i find most people contradicting and lying six facers...I find that if u are SUCIDIAL noone takes u serious until u do it . If u feel like well u have to do harm to others by going on some crazy rampage ;Most dont even take it seriously even if the person reacehes out for help until its to late ;all im saying is ALL PEOPle R ABOut IS TALK TALK TALK AN NOTHING ELSE;JUst saying something that sounds good  ... SURE U CAN BELIEVE in the H word...AND IM NOT BEING PESSEMISTIC IM ONLY GIVING WHAT I EXPERIENCES WITH PEOPLE AND WHAT U SEE AND HEAR FROM MOST PEOPLE...Just i dnt know everyday in life u always see that same thing hear the same thing ...


Its more complicated that just history reapeating itself its just people can just be very nonchalant about things and just go with the flow attitude or whatever and just all about themselves and their circle ... i dont know but just find many people so bias about everything they say ... no matter what race or sex they are ... or where they are from ... THE H WORD HELP  SEEMS TO NOT EXIST ;NOT IN THESE TIME EVEN THO PEOPLE USE ;I DONT KNOW FIND THAT EVEN IF U ARE SMART U SEEM TO NOT BE TAKE SERIOUS AND BEING SMART SOMETIMES U DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH IT .

And for anyone reading this well protest on redeye show on fox news(kkk tv) cus im sick of their dicriminating crap ;Im sick of it . Sick of greg gutfeld ( dont care about spelling his name wrong cus i dont like him;I call him greg duckface but whatever im sick of this guy and im sick of bill schulz(another host of the show) paraphrasing what he sees on peoples blog and mocking people subliminally ...I think he is gay and dont want to admit it cus he is always talking about gay issues ? So wondering is he? Y is that men never admit that they are gay ???When their is nothing wrong with it ????? ;And ill say this again too going on someones show to resolve somthing or whatever only gives people ratings which is what they want ... but who cares....SCREW FREEDOM OF expression (CUS IF U DONT KNOW WHAT IT MEANS THEN ;THEIR IS NO SUCH THING)

and for anyone if u have a twitter account i find it amazing that almost every person i follow always talks about flying here and there ? its amazing though cus im like how can someone fly every other day and be i dont know somewhat poor ? not saying ur rich but u cant say ur poor either if u fly on a plane buying exspensive plane tickets every other day ? strange in a way ?

transgirll transgirll
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Mar 12, 2009