One Great Nite

It was about a month ago right after my divorce a friend from high school stopped b. She was one of those girls in school ever guy wanted to **** .so back to one great nite we where just sitting an talk having a few drinks after 3or4 drinks she started to rub on my leg an at that point I was getting hard she knew but didn't say anything . After a few mins she said she had to go to bath room witch I have a mirror hanging in hall way an she knew it so when she went into bath room she didn't close the door all the way an I could she her in there she was standing in front of the sink I could see her unbotton her pants an slide her had down the front of her pants. An with her other hand she was rubbing on her **** . She knew what she was doing because after about 5 mins she looked through the door that was cracked open an could see me touching myself . An that she when she open the door a came out with pants undone I could see the top of her red silky panties she walk up to me an didn't say a word an got down on her knees an put my big **** in her mouth an started to suck o my god she was good I reached down an took off her shirt to find a red silky bra to match her panties . Her breast where nice an from an nipples were hard as a rock . She stould up an we got when crazy on each other . Did not even take the time to take her panties off just pulled them to the side an slid my **** deep in side of her an it was everything that I thought it was that has to be the best sex I ever had. An we had sex 3 more times that nite would love to have another nite like nite ever
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41-45, M
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