One Of Many

My smile is one of many masks that I wear everyday. I think it is my most polite way to keep from showing people what I really think. People like it when you smile so I aim to please them.
jatpack3 jatpack3 36-40, M 5 Responses Dec 2, 2012

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So true indeed....I know what that feels....behind the smiles and laughter I hide a million tears...I just don't share much with family just my pa and sis who knows the real me...:)

Some people want to see beneath the surface.....


Just start ******* swearing. Sometimes it makes me feel better. Besides, it isn't pleasing when I can tell your smile is fake.:p... But..still love ya.

I shall swear like a dyslexic sailor with turrets syndrome and a bottle of rum.


some people can see past that mask my friend. I thought i perfected the mask- nope.

Unfortunately for you...I see right through that mask and see someone...more, greater, awesomer, the real you that needs to breathe, the mask will only suffocate your true self. :)