It's A Mind Set

I saw this experience & felt the same. So many of us were raised to be self sufficient, at an early age. Young teens about 14 to 16 yrs old. We  entered the work force early. People hired kids for after school and week ends. You didn't't stay home & play on the computer. Wish it had been so because it's fun.  I was not allowed to complain & ask for more & better.  My Mom gently "kicked' me out of the nest at 18 yrs old. I was ready to graduate high school. I came home & a for sale sign was in the yard.  What?  She said she was selling & I'd have to get a place.That was the beginning of keeping things to myself. Nobody was going to save me but me.  Don't  complain at work or home. Just do a good job & you'll be safe.  What a sad way to grow up.

wiseowl wiseowl
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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

Yeah..Hiding feelings can be an emotional burden. There's no place to vent. Good thing EP is here to be of service. Hurray..