I Dont Like It

i hate how people judge me on my depression, they dont know my story of life so i try to hide it. Well i normally hide it at first, i tell them eventually because im easy to read and people know something is wrong. i hate when people feel bad for me because i have depression, sometimes i get mad at myself and just wish i didnt have to take that pill in the morning to be happy for the day, sometimes i blame myself but i know its not my fault. i just cant help it. i want to overcome depression but i dont know if its possible anymore.
hailey6547 hailey6547
18-21, F
5 Responses Aug 14, 2010

It sucks that you do have to take a pill, to change, and your young

it dont help me sleep :( i just got on it like two months ago. and i still never sleep. so i just stopped taking it.

yeah i agree with you. i take trazedone and effexor. do you take trazedone to sleep?

yes i have been on medication for over a year.

My dear lady.How do you know you have depression.Were you diagnosed ?