I just took my mom out to eat Chinese. When we were leaving we got our fortune cookies. My fortune is
" Life must be lived forward, but can only be understood backwards." I have thought about these words and
have found that they contain alot of truth to them. I have been through hell in my life and i hold no ill towards those that
have hurt me. I have lived in terror because i was not cared for or loved by the foster families that i was with.
All of the things that i had to endore has made me a suvivor. These words are very true to me. I would like
to challange those of you that have been through hell to read these word and think about them and see if there is any
meaning to them for you. If there is meaning to you, try to understand what it means to live life forward.
polorbears polorbears
31-35, M
Dec 11, 2011