As we go through life, we suffer many wounds. These wounds can be mental. emotional, physically, or anyother type.. They may be shallow or deep wounds. The wounds that we have only make us stronger because we have suvived them. I realize that the wounds that i suffered while i was growing up as a kid only made me stronger and able to deal with the scaring that came from them. I know that some people can not deal with the wounds that they have suffered in their lives. To me they are the ones to be helped. I have many deep wounds that may never heal but i have survived them to become stronger. I beleive in the power of the human soul and that we can overcome anything that is thrown into our lives. Without those wounds i would not be the person i am today. I am a suvivor and i will continue to suvive. can you say the same?
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sometimes u want to be strong...but what do you do when things that we dont want keeps reoccuring in our lives?

Thank you for your comment. As for my mindset, that comes and goes. lol.