A Friends Help

I have a friends that i talk to on a regular basis. He has helped alot since we meet. I am jusst rembering some of his words and thought that i would share them with you. He told me once " All woulds will not heal by themselves, it takes time and energy to mend them. You have become calm with yourself if you want to start healing. Don't be a raging river of emotions, but let a gentle pond by your guide to healing." There is alot of truth to what he told me. Because of those words i have begun to heal. I am very greatfull to have such great friend.
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3 Responses Dec 28, 2011

Very nice quote . Wise words!:)

You are most welcome. I am glad that it helps. I posted this will i was down. I decided to look over the conversation that we had and this jumped out at me and made me feel alot better about myself.

You're very lucky to have such a friend. I must admit I'm a little envious. Thank you for sharing this, I wrote it down and put it on my 'inspirational quotes wall'. I was having a tough day. Thanks for this it really does help. :)

its true good friends are hard to find!