Their Version Of Me...

I gave up trying too explain it too them . I gave up trying to make them understand so lie i put on the version of they want too see who is happy can make anyone smile even my co-workers but the longer i keep this up the worse feel everyone i kno even family and friends dntkno me at all...No one understand i love them but my fake version wnt hold much longer this is all tearing me apart their love cnt heal me anymore..
Confusedlo20 Confusedlo20
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2012

I no exactly how you feel iv just been told I have severe anxiety and depression.. Now I don't have my mum and dad in my life I guess that's the causing of it they hate me anyway :( my sister keeps saying it's a phase for 4 months now I have been self harming know one knows but my counselor I guess people don't understand unless it's them feeling that way.... Or going through it.

You really should talk to someone about it before it gets any worse... I'm here if u want to talk

Stay strong xx

Thankyou..this was a few months ago and I still can't fully tell anyone like then I gave up trying talk to anyone I still keep up the act most days I can talk to a few friends here that kinda helps. Same for you I dnt kno what happen but ill be here for you just the same

your family and friends will love you for who you are, you should not have to put on an act for them :(

i tried i really did....depression or anything like that is a myth in my family ,everyone else just doesn't understand.