Its been years since I tried too kill myself yet I still feel the same no matter how much time pass it still there,I dnt cut or try anything to hurt myself anymore as much as I want to I cnt do it.

Everyone thinks I'm fine,that I'm as happy as ever and 'normal self' is bck its so easy to act happy even make others happy but deep down its bullshit I'm getting worse and worse and no one knows it there are things that make me happy but more things that just dnt
Confusedlo20 Confusedlo20
26-30, M
1 Response Jun 26, 2012

Take off your mask my friend. Let you friends see the real you, even if you're depressed. If they love you they will love you no matter what. It may make you feel better not to hide anymore.

I tried that before didn't work out so well...but who knows maybe will or not