Knowing Me

Well its two weeks till Christmas and I have no money, no shopping and petrol. This is due to my compulsive gambling yet again taking over and being a ****, I add I had an advance but blew this too. MY children do not talk to me due to my eratic behaviour and tendancy to act like a **** when I'm upset getting angry and feeling sorry for myself. My larger family avoid me like the plauge for pretty much the same reasons. My work colleague's get knocked but won't invited me out socially as I get punchy when drunk and tend to act the arsehole or flirt with the women regardless of status, and some just don't talk as I send abusive sexual texts when pissed, it's not like I'm a god I'm four stone overweight and have gum diseasenand am bald, I live in a nice apartment with an alcoholic that tends to drink a bottle of vodka everyday and then parades round naked in front of open windows shouting bum me at the top of his voice. But he assures me he is not gay!!! Oh I'm in terrblle debt because ofnthe gambling and have buried my head in the sand for the past 8 years so have constant emails about that,, oh and up until recently I blamed everyone else and not me, , oh last thing I hold down a very very good job that I do very well in that is of high stress. Violent at times and engaging

I am bolloxed
bolloxedagain bolloxedagain
41-45, M
1 Response Dec 15, 2012

Your life is what you make of it, I think you have all what you need to change it in the future. If you stop gambling and stop drinking you can improve your life by much.