Sat Day

Good day at work although not much going on. Listened to funny stories and cooked breakfast for the troops, felt ok but put that down to not getting drunk on a schoolnight last night,, listened to my staff talking about an up coming wedding,.that I'm not invited too, saw a few females that ignored me as when pissed asked them to come over,, not good asd was a little more than that that I said, but will live with that have too,,,, came home and cleaned house, and house mate came home and poured the first of many drinks, although he tried to cook tea I took over then drove him into town to purchased more vodka,,, not my issue he wantsntondrink himself to death up to him.. So now relaxed and waiting for the naked front room show to start but hey have retired time my room,, so all good until the police call round and arrest him for exposing himself to the neighbours, bloody idiot, text my old mum as I broke her heart when pissed and after gambling binge last week and realised I had no money to host the few days over Christmas i said I would, then got abusive with a nephew on the net I nver speak to and told them they would not be coming to mine,, all this whilst crying as I missed my kids so very much that it rips out my soul, but wonder why that relationship broke down,,,, doh maybe because im a **** end ehhhhh,, but going to try and be a grown up
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