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I dont want to go to a mental hospital or a help group or a shrink. I want to sit with someone that i know and that understands me, and let them in on my secret. I dont feel comfortable with letting a stranger dive into the depression that i havent even let the people i love know about.

Im not sure how to let someone know about my depression, if anyone can help me with a way to break the ice on an unloading of my depression, please let me know.

Im begging for help.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

Hey there, you're right to be nervous but you can't go through this alone. If you're having a lot of troubled feelings, its best to approach someone about it because the people online aren't really there to hug you and let you know its okay. Its scary to tell someone. I was in a psych ward twice and I've been seeing a therapist and a psychiatrist for almost 4 years now and the therapy helps A LOT.

What helped me was the fact that I DID tell my mom I was self harming and thats where the help began. She found me a therapist and the therapist found me a psych to prescribed anti-depressants. They did in fact help.

If you need to talk, i'm a message away, i'm sorry you're going through all of this dear.

Tell someone that you trust, like a parent that can help you get help. Depression is so hard to go through, and even harder going through it alone. Don't be ashamed of having depression, over 2million americans stuggle with depression, So, you are not alone. But, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to get help to get rid of the depression. Depression is caused by many things, even a medical condition. Read as much as you can about depression, read on helpful ways to reduce or get rid of it. Knowledge is nessasary when having any illness. And please tell someone.