Bad Things Happen

I started out as being situationally depressed.  In the time span of a year my parents got divorces, my dad was diognosed with a terminal disease, and so was my mom.  After she passed away I sort of supressed it all, I was 16.  I had been living on my own since before she died because we couldnt bet along when we were living together.  So two years later I am still living on my own, working full time, going to college full time and volunteering full time.  Me and my boyfriend from 3 years broke up, we lived together for 2, and i was a wreck for a few months but then got over it.  Everyone says Ive delt with it extremely well, but im not to sure.  Now I can't even get up for class in the morning, I want to, but I just cant, and I have been crying for no reason at all at work and feel like an idiot.  I cant keep myself pulled together and now my career is going to suffer because of it.  I think bad stuff happens all the time, and i fully believe all you can do is get through it, by why am I a wreck now? and how can I fix myself?

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2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Remember your emotions just needs to be expressed, it will make you stay in bed... but it will and can help you see why everything is happening as it is... Remember who you are and what amazing qualities you have... we're all different and the same in so many ways... <br />
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That makes us all something special... Yeah? :)

You are so strong. But being strong doesn't mean you have to be strong every instant, everyday; allow yourself your breaks. Cry when you need to. And don't let anyone tell you you're any less for it.<br />
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I'm sorry to hear about your parents and the rest of your situation. Hang in there... things will get easier.