My Parent's

I am thirteen year's old. And  since I was five my dad and mom got divoriced. Then my mom had my dads house taken away, for not paying the house's bill. Turns out my mom had been going to the bar. There she had met my step-dad, and its just weird. And when my dad and mom where still fighting over me they really never had time for me. Also the fight is still going on I think they both just don't want to pay child support. But when I was twelve and I was living with my mom at this time. It wass during christmas that they started to move. Then my dad had gotten over my mom and had so many girlfriends in his bed you dont even know if its a bed or a couch. My step-mom is 20 while my dad is like 44. So it is still odd for me. I only had told one of my friends my storie. But he thought i was joking so i changed the subject. My dad was adopted and he never knew his real family. But with my grand parents never even talk to me. So my step-dad's family is in arkansas which I had moved to. My own sisters don't talk to me, even when I wished my sister a happy birthday she cussed me out. Both of my sisters hate me and I know it, they even show it (hey look i made a ryhme).  During my birthday I had to fly back to wyomming to visit where i spent my birthday on a plane by myself and a stranger. My self esteem is very low, I never tell my friends this cause none of them understand this. My mom says I'L pay, I love it when both my mom and my grandma say that just you know makes me feel so loved. Most of the time I can barely sleep because I always think of them. My dad and step mom had a kid that doesnt know me which when I go visit makes me cry at night even more. I say I have a hard life, because I can barely talk to any one.

I went looking for a blog so i could post and see if i had anyone i can relate too.

Blackstreak Blackstreak
13-15, M
Mar 3, 2010