Beaten Up.

Since I Was Younger.I Was Always Bullied And Pushed Around.Girls Hated Me For No Reason.I Knew They Were Jealous Of The Attention I Got From Guys And Some Envied What I Had And They Didn't.I Was Never A Mean Girl,I Was Actually Quite Shy.Always Friendly And Chill To Be Around.But I Guess That Was The Problem People Saw Me As Weak And They Took Advantage Of It.Sixth Grade I Was Constantly Picked On.Everyday People Would Say Cruel Things To Me About The Way I Looked And Acted.Since I'm Black,People Expected Me To Act "Black" But To Them I Came Off As A White Girl.I Mean What Is "Black"??Is Their A Certain Way Of Being A Race?.I Was Different And They Didn't Like It.It Got Worse Over The Next Year.I Started To Get Pushed Around And People Would Start Hitting Me.The Bathroom Stalls In The Locker Room Were My Favorite Places To Go To My Sixth And Seventh Year.It Got To The Point Where I Would Start To Skip.I Never Told My Mother Or Friends.I Was Ashamed And Embarrased.I Was MIserable.I Got Beat Up Alot My Seventh Year From One Girl.She Just Didnt Like Me.I never Really Knew Why.She Rode My Bus Everyday.One Time She Even Chased Me Off The Bus And To My House.It Was Always Unexpected,Whenever She Was Angry She Would Hit Me.I Remember Going To Breakfast To Say Bye To My Little Brother Before I Went to First Class,And Out Of Nowhere She Came Up And Punched Me Straight In My Face.I Wanted To Talk To Someone But I Was Scared I Didnt Trust Anyone.Everyone Hated Me And I Didnt Know Why.But To Hide My Pain And Sadness I Would Just Laugh.After She Would Hit Me,After They Called Me Names,After Being Pushed Around I Would Just Laugh It Off.And Wait Till I Got Behind A Closed Door To Cry.
BlackroseVsWhiterose BlackroseVsWhiterose
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Wow I can totally relate too your experinces. I was bullied by girls mostly in middle school too! I absolutly agree with you they were jealous of you. Thats a dumb steryotype be yourself. You seem like a sweet kind girl dont let others tell you who you are. Be happy with yourself be you!

Thankyou Starrose.I Will<3

oh i am sorry........ but actually the thing matters for me is inner beauty....... all the very best

Wow... that's really sad. I used to be bullied in primary school, but i was never beaten up... all i can say is that it has nothing to do with you... people generally only bully & beat up others because they feel threatened or inferior. If they weren't jealous of you, there would be no purpose to them beating you up. I'm glad to hear things are better though. Stay strong <3

Thankyou For Sharing&lt;3I Will!(:

I'm truly sorry for this. Kids are horrible and unfortunately, lot are taught that this behavior is ok. I wish you much happiness as you grow and remember that those people have insecurities about themselves. It probably had nothing to do with you, but the fact that they were hiding themselves.

Thankyou&lt;3.I Became Stronger Over The Years.And I have Great Friends Now Who I can Talk Too.