In A Moment

this whole blogging thing has never been something that i ever thought id do... maybe its what i need?so many thought and emotions. im so emotional, always... sometimes i know exactly why and sometimes i dont. weird right? okay so theres alot going through my mind right now. everyone thinks im sooo happy all the time. i laugh alot! but deep down so much is going on. year has had its up and downs (mostly downs) you really figure out who your true friends are. and i have. im feeling very fat, very ugly and very unloved. no one understands. compliments annoy me because i know thats not what i see. nothing is going to plan. dreams and goals are being shifted to the back of my mind, almost unachievable.
this isnt good enough!! this is what i need to do:

Get rid of the the person on my mind who is uninterested NOW.
Get rid of body weight.. somehow?
Get rid of self doubt
Get rid of negativity (easier said than done)
Erase bad memories
Become the old HAPPY me.
lose weight
be ******* healthy and happy.

R. xo
14th Dec
simplyrosie simplyrosie
18-21, F
Dec 14, 2012