I honestly used to be an open book. I knew I could trust all of my friends and family with my life. Well, not so much now...
I hide mostly everything about my life from my family, because I don't think I can trust them. My mum used to tell people everything that I told her; even personal stuff. I know because I could hear her on the phone. So I stopped telling her personal stuff, for example, how I'm feeling, why I'm feeling that way, what has been happening in my life, what goes on at school etc.
My dad is just not very good at taking things seriously. He'd make jokes or ask too many questions or get all emotional and think everything's his fault. (He's good at feeling sorry for himself; Mum's like the man of the house. Or the family, since Dad doesn't live with me.)
My two sisters... I have two younger sisters. The middle child has become, well, a bit of a *****, ever since she started high school, and my youngest sister, I could trust completely and loved her more than anyone else in the world. I mean, I still do, but I'm more cautious. The middle one, I wouldn't even think to tell anything anyway. The youngest I trusted completely until recently when I heard her talking to the middle one...
My friends are a completely different story. Each of them is different. I have one friend who I would never tell anything to, she hits me all the time, and talks about stupid stuff like her cactus. Another one, my best friend, I can tell anything; we're like the same person. We even have the same birthday!!
I do think that life would be so much easier if it wasn't so hard to trust someone again after they break your trust, but it just isn't. You just have to find someone you know will never let you down. Someone who is so much like yourself that they would never hurt you.
1800batman 1800batman
13-15, F
Jan 8, 2013