I Want To Be Honest To Myself And Others

For some odd reason i always hide my pain by smiling, fisicall or emotional . Its like im afraid of something but don't know what mabey its the fact that im actully weak so i act strong. if im sad upset or sick i still smile like no tomorow . I have always semm like the stong type or something to people but i actually am not but i try to match there expetactions it bug me noing so and i go rigth ahead and SMILE i know im liyng to myself but i cant help iiit . To be honest i have 4 personalitys
*how i act in school- smile no matter what
*how i act around friends- put a fake act
*how i act around my family-a fake front hide all emotions from them
*and how i act when im alone- its me and i like it the best

my life is mest up so theres nothing more to do but smile ! :D
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4 Responses May 12, 2012

love to have a friend like you, can u add me? if u cant do it here mail me at amithserrao@yahoo.com

Many go on donning the same habitual masks to hide whatever may lie underneath. At times this is for the better, at times this is for the worst. Personally, I find my masks quite comforting...

Well, personally I feel it's good to smile; a physical action can influence your emotions positively, and brightens up the day of those surrounding you, too.<br />
<br />
But if smiling is always the only thing we do, masking our expectations, our other side of life, then is that smile really genuine? Because instead of smiling yet again and again, why don't we consider having a good look at our lives and thinking why is it that we have to force that smile out? It's good to have expectations of some sort, goals of some sort, but is it necessary to be so ambitious and perfect for everything such that we stress and exhaust ourselves?<br />
<br />
Think your life through, get perspectives positive and right. For that way, the smile on your face would be a sincere and genuine one. And everyone, including yourself, will be positively influenced. In the right way :)

Thats a good edvice thank you

Thats what i do. Sometimes i let myself cry when alone. I try not to in front of others. but i always smile or laugh for people.