I Just Don't Want Anyone To Worry About Me

I never want to talk about my inner problems because i don't think i should burden anyone with them. So i just wear a smile everytime i see everyone to pretend like everything is fine. Talking about what really troubles me takes a long time but wearing a smile is a lot easier, some people need my shoulder to cry on so i think i am better off being there for them because their problems require more attention than mine. I appear to be stronger than i really am but that's between me, myself and I...
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1 Response Aug 22, 2012

you are so right.even i do the same thing at times.and others around me find a nice shoulder on me to shed their pain off! i love listening to other peoples sad stories.as when they tell me i feel i am trusted by someone!such a nice feeling!! i swear!!..
by the way are you my twin i find you having both similar qualities.??!

Yes you are right, it is amazing when you feel trusted :-), haha you could be my second twin then cuz i do have a real twin we might be triplets :-)

you are kidding me! do you have a real twin!...wow i love that!..cool!!!..haha..triplets...awsomeness,,truly!!!
i would like to see your photos of how you guys look like?!..if you dont mind?!;-)

haha oh ye i am although we aren't identical willl try to find a pic we took together :-), hope you have had a blessed sunday :-)

sure i will want to see it eagerly!yeah had a blessed sunday dear,thankyou!
just had my last exam that got over today!.,.so much relief now....-:-)

ooh that's great i love the feeling you get after finishing exams :-)

so what do you do?

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