The Other Day.

The other day I was very suicidal. But my friend came over despite my complaints that I was "sick". She convinced me to take a walk with her, so I did. While we were walking and making conversation she missunderstood something I said with "I just want to die" She looked at me worried and said "why do you want to die?" I then paniked a bit and told her that she had missunderstood and corrected her. She laughed and said "You're too much of a happy person to be suicidal anyway"... If she only knew... But i'm too scared to tell anyone because i'm always labeled as being the happy go lucky person, but it's really just the mask.
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Sometimes we all get tired of wearing that mask...

I know, you don't want to be a burden on anyone.. and when you try you'll be waiting for people to say something to make you feel better, but they can't..
But think about it.. what's the one thing that would make you feel better?X

Oh hun....thts awful....thts how i was too when she finnally u know relized i wasnt ...tht happy not really... She got hurt but she really helped me

Yeah, thank you <3 :) :) I know I should tell someone but I just can't :/

U should