My Pain My Fear

sorrow will never touch my face infront of you, pain never seem to reach my heart. you will see my crooked smile over the tears, my sweet laugh echo my empty heart. i dont want you to know im in pain. i want you to think its ok, that im a tough girl and i can put up with it. but the next time i should be in pain notice my smiling lips that part for a short laugh. my eyes that seem like gold luster. but listin closely for the sound of my heart. there will no sound be for it is broken. i try to be strong, and smile to get throught the day but in the end before my head hits the pillow my eyes fill with hurt and lost love, my body shakes with sobs and it is open for the world to see. but i will wake up and laugh again to hide my pain my fears.

DarkAmber DarkAmber
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 9, 2010


That is the most heartbreaking thing i've heard in a long time...