All of It.

Both emotional and physical - it makes no difference.  I don't see the use of letting something so awful shine through for everyone else to witness.

Funny how pain, is such a private and personal thing.

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3 Responses Mar 5, 2009

"God is a concept, in which we measure our pain" John Lennon wrote after discovering Primal Theapy.

It is the hardest thing in the world to open up enough to receive the support of others.<br />
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MizzBlue72 you're right that it's such an important and healthy thing to do, at times. <br />
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Darcyqueen - we all deal with pain in different ways. In reality, all we can each do is try to do what's best, for us to cope and move forward through the situation/s we've been put in. All the best xx

I feel for you. Sometimes it may seem hard, but try to allow others to love you and support you - until you can do it yourself.