I Keep It All Locked Up But It's Going Down

I hardly ever show/tell my true feelings. I have always hid them. When I post stuff like that no one knows me on facebook my friend said "Why are you saying this? You are always happy at school! You're just trying to act all emo and scene!" I hate when people say that! Just because I don't tell my friend something does mean she should freak out? NO! Omg, I'm telling complete strangers all my feelings. This shows you people how much this has been building up!
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2 Responses May 20, 2012

Me personally being a guy do tend to keep many things to myself.Ive always thought of it as a guy thing.But im starting to realize this isnt always the best thing to do.Not in the long run !

It's always so, people see you as happy, then it's hard to believe you have lots of pain inside. Most people can only see the outer shell. If you wanna talk, go ahead.