I Always Hide My Feelings

Well I always hide my feelings.
I told myself that I should just pretend to always be happy. I say it's for other people but I honestly think that it's just for me. I guess I just don't want to show everyone my depressing sad side. I usually say I don't want anyone to worry. That's true too, but I just don't want to show my sad side to anyone. I wanna try to be happy. Its hard to be happy and sad at the same time.
Would I be called a fake?
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I understand i tend to do that also as when i did show people that side of me they were just not understandable and thought i was seeking attention which was not what i was doing so i just don't show that side anymore.

no you are not fake ,
yeah it's hard to keep your feeling hide ,i think i know this feeling ://
hope you be okei soon :p


I wouldn't call you a fake. What I might call you is me about 2 years ago before I tried to commit suicide after "holding it all in" and "always only letting the happy me" out in public. I was diagnosed with major depression and worked with a psychiatrist for a while along with some group therapy and medication. Today I am in a much better place and instead of hiding the bad days I have friends and family reassure me that it's okay and quite normal. Please consider talking to someone

I know just how you feel. Eveyone thinks I am a happy person, but inside, it is all depression and sadness, which no one could guess at because I always smile, always hide behind a mask.
I don't think I'd call you fake. I just think you need to find someone, a person in your life, who can take off your mask and help you show the other side to the world. i have a guy in my life like that, and so far, only he has gotten in, but he has never called me fake, and I trust him to know this, so I can assur you that you aren't fake. You just need to find the reason you are hiding behind a mask.

Thank you.
It's hard to show others my true feelings because I don't want everyone to be involved an worry.
But to be honest, I have a boyfriend. I never be upset or sad to him though. I don't want to make him down or upset if I am so I always just bottle up my feelings. I've done ot for a long time but it hurts a lot when I do it

It took me a lot more than I would have expected to open up to my friend. And holding it all in, it hurts me too. Then, one day, I opened up, I cried on his shoulder, and felt so much better afterwards...

I wish I could tell him how I feel but, it totally kills my image. I'm the bubbly happy sarcastic person not the dramatic crying girl. It doesn't match

If he loves you, and sorry for this part, he will be supportive of this image too. Because both images can live in his eyes, and he will try to help the crying girl come to terms with her sadness.
My guy says that he wishes I didn't bottle these things up so much, not because he wants to see me upset, but because he wants me to be able to stop hiding from myself, and because he thinks that my friends will still accept me, even with tears running down my face for something that they don't understand.
if your boyfriend loves you, he will try to understand the tears, and trust me on this, your image, no matter how much you want to preserve it, will only benefit from letting him know. He will support you, trust me. just try to open up to him, even if it is only sharing the link to this story.

I guess....
I'll tell him soon.
Thank you ^__^
Your very helpful

you're welcome. I promise, no matter how muc you cry, you will feel better.

Well that's good then ^__^
I'm really happy that I can get help on this stuff.
Since I can't express my feelings to anyone else
I always have this site ^__^

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