Keep It Hidden,keep It Safe!

Yes I like to hide things in my bra. My boobs and therefore my bra's are big enough to safely store items in. At gigs and nightclubs i've kept money, tickets and cloakroom discs in there for safe keeping. Well nobody is going to steal it without my knowledge.

When jogging i've had my ipod in there. That way there is no risk of dropping it. 

Let's see............Also my car key, lip gloss, my brother's weed, credit card, my phone, tic tacs (that's another story "shake your tic tacs").I will add at this point that these don't all go in at the same time. That would be crazy and uncomfortable. But most of my outfits don't have pockets and I don't always want to take a bag with me.

At the end of a drunken night it's the best game of lucky dip!

I did once find someone else's keys when I got home. All I remember was me and my friend kept "hiding" people's things whenever they went to the bathroom or to the bar. I just forgot to give them back. OOPS!!
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No. That's not the kind of thing you want accidentally falling out.

i wonder what else gets hidden..tampons..among other things?

haha that is one cool place to hide stuff ......and yes it would be a cool game at the end of the night be putting stuff in there just so i could get them out later ........hehe

Sure Deg, but you'll probably only fit your face in ;)<br />
<br />
*High fives Kit*

I'm sure you were holding those keys for someone that was inebriated. Think of it as though you were doing them a favor. :)

"shake your tic tacs"--is that anything like "shaking it like a polaroid picture"? (Dammit, somebody get these songs out of my head!) :P

I like that game... lol.

I've just had a great idea for a drunken game! We all wear the vibrating panties and put the controllers in a bowl. Then someone has to choose one at random and try to guess who it belongs too.<br />
<br />
*wonders if Charlie would be up for thisgame too* That would be 3......we need more people :)

Yes please =D

*applauds* Love it!

I saw these years ago and they never really peaked my interest. But while watching 'The Ugly Truth' I was lmao thinking I gotta get me some of those!!

I would think that vibrating phone may be better off hidden in the panties, or better yet just get some of these and let a friend hold the remote control <br />
<br />

Ju: Yes but it always vibrates half a second before it rings.<br />
Allergic: I have no idea. I don't even know who they belonged too. I took them to the police station.<br />
<br />
Joey: I've also worn 2 pairs of panties to hide weed for friends too. Bouncers are mainly male and afraid of touching you so we take advantage of that. I've had male friends searched and patted down and they don't even dare look in my bag. Like at Download me and Tilly were waved passed as he sited "girlie junk" whereas the guys were having bottles taken off them, pockets emptied, tobacco sniffed for weed. It's unfair but funny.

Haha. How did they get home?

ever had the phone ring whilst in your bra?