Electronics Go Right In The Bra

I'm a B cup so I can't stash away snacks or anything, but I discovered how handy my bra is recently. I've started using my phone more so I like to keep it on my person. but at home, I like to put on my mp3 player and headphones and dance or walk around my living room. Sometimes I don't have pockets or I'm afraid that if my phone vibrates in my pocket I won't feel it, so I just shove the phone in the center of my bra. It's incredibly handy. I do the same with my mp3 player if I don't want to carry it.

At work i can't really get away with that so I tuck it between my hip and the waistband of my pants. Works just as beautifully, but sometimes if I get busy at work, the phone gets a little slick from sweating. Still safer than having it knock around loosely in my apron, though.
SpilledSecrets SpilledSecrets
26-30, F
Jul 2, 2011