I do hide things in my bra. I recently read about a woman who uses her bra to hide things in. I totally agree so I have started doing that too. I keep my cell, cash, credit cards, IDs, and different keys in my bra now instead of in my purse. There are so many pocket thieves and purse snatchers. It takes forever to get new IDs and credit card made when they are lost or stolen.
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can you hide me in your bra

One of my daughters puts her cell in her bra.

my cousin has been doing that for years.. it really surprised me one day when she emptied it out. mama mia do you have any room for your breasts I asked lol

I think cell phones may cause breast cancer. Be careful.

I hide breast forms in my bra!

do you keep your phone on vibrate

I'd probably do the same.

Did you read the story of a young woman who kept putting her cell phone in her bra? The poor woman got breast cancer from having the cell phone against her skin in her bra. Please exercise care and caution.

wish y'all ladies would stop hiding your boobies!:) I don't think bras are even healthy.

A great place to hide stuff....but, if you do smoke pot, or other "drugs" that are illegal in your area, do NOT keep them in your bra. Keys, ID and SS card are perfect there, because no one is gonna come up to you, unless they have a gun, or knife, or whatever, and take that from you. I keep my cellular telephone in my bra when I don't have pockets, and such things like that. Its a great place!!!

Keys? Keys in ur bra.? Maybe one key but having a few keys on a key ring? Wouldnt that hurt... ? Or

I love how you made using your bra as a storage pouch into a sensible thing :D to be fair for most it's just being too lazy to carry a purse :P

Lol... lets play hide n seek.
Ur it....

Lol, knock it off.

Aw u found me!

R u black?

Does it matter? Black, white, grey, neon-green, people are people. We all have feelings.

can you see if i left my watch in there .............................lol......x

Can small boobed people do this too? Or will it fall out o.o
And how would I take what I needed out discreetly and without people being like "wtf- ma'm your cards have boob sweat"

If your wearing a jacket it just looks like your getting something from an inside pocket :D

Aha thankyou^
Thats smart

Not good to keep your cell in your bra, heard about this lady who got breast cancer because she always kept her cell there

Same for guys ! That's in the shirt pocket and the jeans !

Wow.... so where is a guy supposed to keep his cell phone?

lol love it!

;-) Sounds like my mother and I didn't want to wind up like her but maybe I will as I do to ;-)

Seems like a good idea, might be a bit awks at the counter in McDonalds tho 😄

sort of interesting- sounds like you need a bigger bra now

what if your not big on top and dont wear one alot, what then lol

anyone know how to turn up the vibrate thing on a cell phone :)

Please don't hide your cell in your bra .
Did you read about the teenage girl that used to do that and developed breast cancer.?

Good point you brought up! This is the first generation of teens and kids in constant contact with cells. Makes you wonder if there will be an explosion of cancer cases in these kids when they get older and people wondering where it's coming from. And folks are just worried about second hand smoke!

Good for you !

You would be surprised to know that in India, a lot of women does that.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

I have no room to hide anything in mine. Seems like it would be uncomfortable.

Lucky you. I wish I was bigger and will be soon.

Please tell me you won't get implants. It's not worth the health risks! From your pic you are perfect lady!! I was small most my life until I had kids. I would rather go back to that, I hate feeling like they are going to pop out my swimsuit. Very embarrassing when you are trying to play with your kids on the beach!

okay, now I know where to look for the valuables....lol

In your dreams. Also I carry a weapon.

and where is the weapon hidden ?